• Our cat flea collar comes with 4 packs with total 32 months of flea and tick prevention for cats. Our value pack of cat flea and tick treatment treats flea and tick for cats. Our flea collar works for 8+ months for cat flea and tick prevention. Every package includes 4 packs of tick collars.
  • Our cat flea collar is made with human-safe formula. The flea collar for cats are designed high effective for flea and tick yet safe for pets and owners. The ingredients of our cat flea and tick collars are environment friendly.
  • Our flea and tick collar for cats is made with a slightly aromatic smell. Each flea and tick collar is well made with high quality. Our kitten flea collars are designed to be very durable for over 8 months of wear. The tick collar for cats has a rounded edge to ensure the cat tick collar is comfortable for long-term wear.
  • Our cat flea collar is made with non-greasy materials. The TriOak cat flea collars are designed to be easy to use for cat owners. Our 4 pack of flea collar cat is very easy to apply and hassle-free—each package of flea collars for cats is attached with a user manual.
  • Our flea collar for cats are flexible and the flea collars for cats is adjustable. TriOak cat flea and tick collar is a one-size flea collar that fits all cats. The cat flea and tick collar are made with soft materials and the collars of flea and tick for cats are easy to trim. Fasten the cat flea collar on your cat’s neck and buckle it on and cut off the excess length.


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